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Green Juice


Discover the power of food

The road back to health often starts with some attention to food.  Nutrition is a huge part of what I do with patients.  The way we fuel our bodies on a daily basis and the timing of that fuel can have big implications for our hormonal, digestive and mental health.  I love focusing on what we can add into the diet first rather than what we can take away.  
Dietary prescriptions may also include prescriptions for supplements and specialized functional medicine testing depending on the individual.


Empower Yourself

Lifestyle counselling looks at the way we go about our daily lives in terms of sleep wake cycles, meal times, stress levels, work hours and how we move.  Small adjustments to some of these areas can make a huge difference in health outcomes.

Green Leaves
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The power of plants

Botanical medicine uses the active medicinal constituents in plants to address some of out toughest underlying issues like inflammation, infection and dysregulated hormones and nervous system.

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