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What should I expect from my first session?

First visit involves a detailed medical history intake and all or part of a physical exam.  A treatment plan is developed that may include dietary changes, lifestyle changes, supplements when indicated and referrals to other health care practitioners when indicated.

Is Naturopathic Medicine covered by my health care plan?

Yes usually it is part of extended health benefits.  Please give them a call before your appointment to confirm.  I can direct bill for some Blue Cross plans.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Please write down or bring with you all medications and or supplements you take.  Bring any copies of blood work or imaging that you have as well.

Will I have to stop eating everything I love

Not at all.  Diet changes are often about adding foods and macronutrients rather than taking them away.

Will you work with my family doctor?

Naturopathic Medicine is not meant to replace your current treatments with your family medical doctor or specialist but rather to enhance and compliment the treatment.  ND's prefer to work collaboratively with your other health care practitioners whenever possible.

What will my treatment plan look like?

Every patient is different and treatment plans can look different for the same condition.  Treatment plans can be a combination of

  • diet modifications

  • supplement recommendations for vitamins, minerals, amino acids or botanical tinctures depending on need

  • testing recommendations depending on the case

  • lifestyle or movement recommendations

  • sometimes referrals to other healthcare practitioners 

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