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Hey there.  I’ve been practicing Naturopathic Medicine since 2006 after graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.  I completed an honors undergraduate degree in Biology at Acadia University before that.

In my practice my goal is always to educate and empower patients to live healthier lives in the way that works best for them.  I recognize that every patient has a unique story to tell and that every patient experiences health outcomes that are the result  of environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors.  I am here to help navigate those factors.  

Naturopathic medicine uses evidence based interventions and addresses the role diet, nutrient deficiencies, environmental exposures, chronic infections and lifestyle habits have on our health.  It encourages the body's own innate ability to heal.  

We can look at any health condition from a Naturopathic perspective however I tend to work a lot with digestive issues and SIBO, hormonal imbalances including perimenopause and issues with the nervous system including insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue.  

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