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I am excited to announce a series of group sessions that aim to educate and empower people like you to navigate through the menopausal transition with confidence and grace.  Menopause is a natural phase of life that can bring about various physical emotional and psychological changes.  Turning to the internet for answers can lead to overwhelm and frustration.  Addressing and treating menopausal symptoms helps you to cope better with all that is happening during this time.  The goal of the group sessions is to provide you with the knowledge support and tools necessary to embrace this transformative time and make informed decisions about you own health and well being.  Join other people going through similar times in their lives as we discuss some of the biggest issues around menopause and what the evidence is pointing to for treatment and standard of care of menopausal symptoms.  Its time to start easing the symptoms of menopause so you can enjoy this amazing time of life.

During these group session a wide variety of topics related to menopause will be covered.  Weekly topics will include the following 

Week 1:  Hot flashes and night sweats.  Evidence based conventional, Naturopathic and lifestyle interventions that work

Week 2:  Body changes and age related muscle loss.  We will help you understand why your body is changing and what you can do to manage it and embrace it.

Week 3:  Cognitive decline and mood changes.  We will discuss who is at risk and what the interventions are at this time.

Week 4:  Sleep challenges and low energy.  we will discuss evidence based interventions for sleep, appropriate nutrient levels to aim for and the best strategies to help you feel your best.  

Group treatments are limited to 6 people and are billable through extended health coverage.  They are educational and not meant to be a replacement for one on one care.  During sessions you will have time to ask questions and learn from the experiences of others going through the same transition.  

If you are new to my practice you will need to have a 30-45 minute intake appointment one on one before the sessions begin.  The cost is for that session is $120.  

Group sessions will be 1 hour in length and begin weekly starting Wednesday November 1, 2023 6-7pm for 4 weeks.

Sessions will be held online and a zoom link will be sent out an hour before each session.  The cost is $100 per session.  

Please reserve your spot by clicking on book now on the homepage or reach out with any questions.

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